Collaborative LaTeX

Document Repository


Coltex (Collaborative LaTeX) is a system allowing multiple people to share and edit a common LaTeX document. It has a backend repository to control and manage the document files and an automated build mechanism to keep a PDF snapshot version of the document (and a change document) up to date. While the primary purpose of Coltex is for collaborating on document production the system can be used to hold anything (such as software code) that requires access by external collaborators.

Since the backend repository for Coltex is just Subversion any normal Subversion client can be used to access and edit the document, although there are some downloadable wrapper scripts.

Coltex also provides a management interface allowing users in the School of Informatics to create new document repositories and control the access to those repositories themselves (the client software for doing this is installed on School machines already, but can also be downloaded to install on self-managed machines).